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Breaking Barriers

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On the 8th August 2022, we had a welcome enlightenment session on Anti Black racism. The presenter Mr. Rudi Quammie-Williams explained different words and behaviours that indicate racism like: prejudice, stereotypes, marginalization, discrimination, privileges, etc. He talked about historical impact of colonialism and slavery on indigenous people and people of African descent. Using several examples, Quammie established that everyone is unique; irrespective of how we appear or look, everybody is equal and should be respected.

The presenter was able to connect with participants especially the younger children by breaking things down to their understanding. Participants were satisfied with answers to their questions. At the end of the workshop, participants got a good grasp of healthy race relationship. They were better equipped to interact effectively in a multiracial and multicultural environment.

We had positive feedback from participants. Majority of them said they would attend follow up sessions and also recommend the workshops to their peers. A very educative and learning opportunity, we look forward to your attending upcoming presentations.


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