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YNOT Board Committees


Non-profit organizations should periodically review the size and membership of their board to ensure they are conducive for effective decision-making. If a board is too large, its members may lose a sense of personal accountability for decision-making, yet if the board is too small, board members may be stretched too thin. There is no “one size fits all”. The answer is found through examining the board responsibilities.

Some boards form committees to handle the different areas of work under its responsibility. When a committee is formed it is given a degree of responsibility to review information, make recommendations and decisions, and bring back the information to the full board for discussion and approval.

Reasons for a Committee

Establish board committees when:

  • The board needs to address issues that are too complex and/or numerous to be handled by the entire board;
  • Recommendations are needed for a policy prior to approval by the entire board;
  • More meetings and time commitment are needed than scheduled in regular board meetings.

Board Committees are very useful, but they should not supplant the role of existing staff. And, all Committee work should eventually be shared with the board as a whole.

Executive Committee

YNOT Executive Committee is created to help decrease the number of meetings required by a full board. The Executive Committee has the authority to make decisions on its behalf, when necessary. It is still required to take these decisions to the full board at the earliest convenience. Minutes should be recorded for Executive Committee meetings. All board members should realize, they are still liable for any decisions made by an Executive Committee.

Finance Committee

The primary responsibility of the Finance Committee is to oversee staff’s preparation of the annual budget and the performance of the organization in meeting its budgeted revenues and expenses. The Finance Committee will receive regular reports on the organization’s performance in meeting its budget and presents that information to the full board.

The Finance Committee which is headed by the treasurer oversees the financial management of the organization. The Finance Committee is also charged with the responsibilities of managing the organization’s investments if there is any, and other important financial matters of the organization.

Membership Committee

The Youth Now on Track Services Board Membership Committee, is tasked with developing criteria for membership, credentialing members, overseeing elections, and developing and delivering programs for members. They are also in charge of recruiting and expanding the membership of the organization as their main responsibility. While the daily issues and activities involving memberships are handled by staff, criteria for membership, granting membership, and the revocation of membership are reserved to the committee.

The committee is expected to work with the entire Board and staff to build a very strong and viable membership within and outside the community.

Capital Campaign / Fundraising Committee

A capital campaign is a coordinated effort to raise significant funds for an identified purpose. It is the responsibility of the Youth Now on Track Services (YNOT) Capital Campaign/Fundraising Committee to work committedly and dedicatedly to raise funds for YNOT’s long term goal of a permanent location which will help us to expand our programs and services to the needy community.

The committee has the mandate to recruit donors who are not on the board to serve on the Capital Campaign / Fundraising Committee. Their commitment is not open-ended, and they may be more willing to serve in this capacity. The Capital Campaign/Fundraising Committee can work with the Finance Committee and the Membership Committee to make sure that they actualize their goals.

The YNOT fundraising Strategy is based on the following Principles

  • The Board as Fundraising Visionaries (Leadership)

    The primary roles of the YNOT board when it comes to fundraising is as VISIONARIES, providing leadership for fundraising strategies and programs. The board should be charting a path forward by deciding whether the YNOT organization will be growing, shrinking, or maintaining the status quo in terms of programs and services. This directly impacts YNOT fundraising goals. The board should also be setting broad fundraising goals for the organization, in consultation with the staff and the fundraising committee, as well as making sure that there are firm deadlines behind YNOT fundraising strategy. One of the most important roles of the board as fundraising visionaries is to make sure that the fundraising program has the people, budget and other resources that it needs to meet the organization’s revenue goals.

  • The Board as Donors

    The second major role of the board when it comes to fundraising is as DONORS to the organization. It is important to remember that your goal as a non-profit should be to have 100% board giving. Every board member should be donating something to YNOT organization every year.

    One hundred percent board giving sets a good example and shows the staff, volunteers and other donors that the board is committed to the cause and to fundraising for the cause. When board giving is less than 100%, it makes donors, including foundations and other institutional givers, wonder whether something might be wrong at the organization that they don’t know about.

  • The Board as Fundraising Ambassadors

    The third and most important fundraising role of the YNOT board is that each and every one of YNOT board members should be serving as FUNDRAISING AMBASSADORS for YNOT organization. YNOT will be very happy to have you as an ambassador for Youth Now on Track Services (YNOT).

    What does it mean to be an ambassador for YNOT organization? It means that as a YNOT board member, your job, as a fundraiser, is to then cultivate and communicate with these new people that you are introduced to, and slowly walk them down the path to becoming more involved with YNOT, ultimately becoming a donor.

    YNOT board will be a huge help in expanding YNOT donor network and building new, lifelong donor relationships for the organization.

  • The Board as Fundraising Support

    The fourth and final role for YNOT board in terms of fundraising is to play a SUPPORTING role in YNOT fundraising efforts. We want Board members to enjoy this role the most, as it allows them the chance to make a real impact on YNOT organization’s fundraising without the ;pressure of making introductions or asks.

    YNOT board members will serve as a great support to the YNOT fundraising team in lots of ;different ways, including going along on fundraising meetings, making thank you calls to donors, and attending events to meet other donors in person.

Strategic Planning /Youth Development Committee

The primary and very important mandate of the YNOT Strategic / Youth Development Committee is to work very closely with the staff to fulfill the core mission of the organization which is to empower youth and their families to take responsibility for their future development through our programs/services and to promote realistic goals / positive values. This will help to create opportunities for the youth for self-improvement through sound education, community involvement, role model and employability training, and to implement prevention strategies designed to recognizing youth potentials and rewarding excellence in the community.

YNOT's mandate is to make an impact and bring a positive change to the youth in the community. The community is very important to achieve this laudable goal. Members of the Strategic Planning / Youth Development Committee are also responsible for developing and/or updating existing strategic plans for the full board’s approval. They will also monitor the implementation of the plan(s) and report on its progress to the full board. The committee will work closely with the Finance Committee and the Membership Committee to achieve their mandate.


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